Welcome to the La Dolce Vita Weddings Love Page! Here, you will find a link to forward feedback to La Dolce Vita Weddings via WeddingWire. We thrive on positive and constructive feedback, so please feel free to share your thoughts!

WeddingWire Rated

“Heather was really great to work with. She went out of her way to step into our shoes and see things from our view point. She was on top of issues almost before they happened as evidenced by her quick and decisive handing of a couple of items and was there until the last person left.

Note- we especially appreciated the coupon she sent us to reduce the cost of boarding our dogs during the wedding.

We would highly recommend Heather.” – Father of the Bride 7/2010

“Heather Gardner from La Dolce Vita Weddings was awesome! She was extremely helpful and provided the exact services that I had in mind. I only wanted a “Day of” wedding coordinator for help and advice and to make sure our wedding day went smoothly. Heather did a wonderful job fulfilling this wish! She was not at all overbearing and was very flexible with my indecisiveness! She worked with the rest of our vendors and made sure everything went according to plan! I really don’t know what I would have done without her. She wanted to do this huge service for us free of charge to build upon her experience, but we insisted. I feel like she deserves more! Her help will forever be appreciated! I would recommend Heather’s wedding planning services to anyone and everyone.” – Jill & Derek (Bride & Groom) 09/2009

“Heather, you were wonderful and took care of so many things I never would have thought of! I loved your essentials kit you had available to us, it came in handy. Thank you!” – Erin (Bride)7/2010

Heather was absolutely wonderful to work with. She was very friendly and right on top of the projects she was in charge of. Heather coordinated everything the day of our wedding and made my life so much easier. I couldn’t have done it without her!! – Michelle (Bride) 6/2010

:: Vendor Endorsements ::

Really enthusiastic, creative ideas and a good friend… this is how I would characterize Heather Gardner from La Dolce Vita Weddings. When Heather plans a wedding, she is in the brides shoes and will do everything to make this day for her clients easy, fun and unforgettable. I love working with her, because her spirit inspires everyone. Received this endorsement on Dec 27, 2010Hardy Klahold, Denver Wedding Photographer

Heather with La Dolce Vita Weddings comes HIGHLY recommended. She is professional, prompt, very organized and it a complete joy to work with. She will make your wedding day go off without a hitch, all you have to do is sit back and relax (well, and get married). Any bride and groom would be lucky to have Heather as their planner!! Received this endorsement on Mar 12, 2012 – Keri Doolittle, Denver Wedding Photographer

Heather is an amazing asset to the wedding services community in Denver and a great choice to help a couple bring their dream Colorado wedding into being an event to rival their dreams. Received this endorsement on Aug 17, 2011Mark Hayes, Denver Wedding Photographer

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