Month Of Wedding Coordination

Our “Month Of” wedding package means that the Bride is responsible for doing the majority of her own planning.  In order for your Planner to do her job well, she needs to know every detail you have planned.  No detail is too small here.  If your Aunt Becky suddenly decides to sing a solo during the ceremony, the Planner needs to know.  If you are considering including a sand ceremony with your vows or want to surprise your new Scottish family with a special bagpipe performance in the middle of dinner, the Planner needs to know that, too!  A good Planner will be asking LOTS of questions about your planning, maybe even asking you to fill out some forms, but sometimes details can fall through the cracks.  Communication is key.
There is actually no such thing as a “DAY Of” anything.  Any reputable planner will tell you that she starts coordinating the final details of your wedding at least a month out.  There are vendors to contact, coordination of deliveries, set-up, strike (that’s industry speak for break-down), confirming final payments, going over every little detail with a fine tooth comb to ensure nothing has been overlooked (and trust me when I say it happens…all the time!).

Is your Planner creating a detailed wedding day itinerary for you, your wedding party and all your vendors?  She should be.  And that, too, takes time.  Scheduling all the “major players”, letting everyone know where to be and at what time.  Contact names, cell numbers and emergency backup contacts can’t be gathered on the “Day Of”.

It all takes TIME.

  • Personalized consultation(s) to obtain a clear understanding of your vision for the day.
  • Discuss contracted vendors.
  • On-site review of venue(s).
  • Address any last minute questions & concerns.
  • Preparation of step by step outline of the entire wedding day for you and your bridal party.
  • Communication with all vendors the week prior to the wedding day to confirm arrival times/delivery.
  • Provision of your personalized wedding day emergency kit.
  • Unlimited phone calls and/or emails.
  • Attend and direct, in partnership with the venue, your full rehearsal coordination to include: flow of ceremony, offering advice, communicating special seating requests to ushers, and distributing printed wedding day itinerary to family members and bridal party.
  • Delivery and set-up of all ceremony & reception items such as guest book, engagement photo, card box, toasting glasses, table numbers, seating/place cards, favors, lighting candles, and additional decorating assistance as needed (arrive 2-3 hours prior to ceremony start time to set up ceremony/reception).
  • Direct wedding ceremony & reception in partnership with the contracted vendors.
  • Supervision of all on site vendors to ensure everything is provided as contracted, including greeting vendors, overseeing deliveries, and answering vendor questions.
  • Secure all gifts to ensure they are going to the correct place.
  • Be your “go to” contact for all wedding-related items.

Package starts at $1200

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