I was perusing Pinterest this evening and I realized how different all of us are. Yes, I know we are all different, but I think we tend to live in our bubbles and forget that each person has a different flavor about themselves. Our tastes, our perspectives, our likes/dislikes, how we perceive beauty and color – this is what makes us, well, us. For me, I like to think the color of the sky has various shades of blue but the next person may think something completely different.

And you know what? That is okay. That’s why I love people!

So why are engaged couples trying to emulate the weddings they see on TV or in a magazine?

I get it, without these publications, there wouldn’t be much of an industry to “hype” up. They show us what is possible with an unlimited budget and a dream team of wedding professionals. But how many engaged couples do you know that have a high or even unlimited budget?

Weddings are beautiful, fun to plan yet I see so many couples stressed out over the planning process, enough to just elope to a remote island where they can’t be found.

And this is fun, why?

Here’s what I propose –

Figure out why you’re getting married, why you want to spend a butt-load of money, and why you want to invite everybody that has ever crossed your path.

Then, hire professionals to help you plan your wedding event. Even if you have an informal backyard wedding, I recommend that you hire a professionals. Decide on your top three priorities for your wedding and budget accordingly.

Finally, remember the reason why you’re getting married in the first place.


(A Fine Photographer)