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Your ceremony was a hit and now it’s time to entertain your guests.

The easiest part of your day has concluded – you’re married! Congratulations!

Now, the reception begins and you’re responsible for hosting a really.large.dinner party. Seems daunting, doesn’t it?

One thing that I pride myself on is the fact that I march to my own beat. I’ve been known to live in “Heather’s World” and planning a wedding is no different. Sure, there are traditional elements that are necessary with a wedding, but there are so many ways to make the wedding scream “THIS IS OUR WEDDING & WE’RE NOT AFRAID TO SHOW IT!”

The key is to showcase YOUR personalities and loves. If Grandma says she can make the homemade mints circa 1975, I would politely direct her in another direction. Say, “We just want you to show up and look pretty! That is your only job Grandma”.



Not that I’m knocking homemade mints, I just don’t think it’s appropriate for our generation. (Now if your Grandma is anything like mine and offers up the home-made Baileys & Kahlua I’m ALL.FOR.IT. If you’re interested in the recipe for your own par-tay, drop me a note in the comments section and I’ll send it over to you. Delish. #MyGrandmaRocksItLikeThat)

Instead of having a traditional sit-down or buffet reception, what if you tried having a wine & cheese tasting? Or a Food Truck? Not only are these creative but they also offer ways for your guests to get up & mingle with each other. Eating is always a good thing.




Comfort Foods

wpid-fryfoodstation-2012-03-18-18-42.jpg wpid-potatos-2012-03-18-18-42.jpg

(foodfunandlove.blogspot.com) (dynamiteweddings.com)

Sushi Chef

wpid-sushi-2012-03-18-18-42.jpg wpid-sushi2-2012-03-18-18-42.jpg

(studiowed.net) (vermontweddingplanner.blogspot.com)

Food Trucks

wpid-inout-2012-03-18-18-42.jpg wpid-foodtruck_wedding-2012-03-18-18-42.jpg

(cinnamonkisspaper.wordpress.com) (posheventplanning.com)

Wine / Beer Tasting Station

wpid-beerstation_wedding-2012-03-18-18-42.jpg wpid-winecheese_wedding-2012-03-18-18-42.jpg

(mycookingclasses.com) (coopercarras.com)

Dessert Stations

wpid-dessertstation_wedding-2012-03-18-18-42.jpg wpid-smoresstation_wedding-2012-03-18-18-42.jpg

(jasonscatering.blogspot.com) (sacramentoweddingplanner.com)

I don’t know about you, but one thing that really bums me out is the fact that couples are scared to venture out of the “norm” or what is expected at a wedding and making it their own. Why are you so scared? Is it the pressure from your family? Or is it the perception that you’re *supposed* to have this ideal wedding that is plastered all over the internet & magazines? Trust me, I get it. I know you want to throw a kick-ass party – who doesn’t?

*PS – Leave me a note in the comments section if you want the recipe for the homemade Baileys & Kahlua