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Sending out a thank you note seems to be pretty common knowledge, right?

A bride contacted me asking about the etiquette for sending thank you cards after their wedding. People may give you a gift from the moment you announce your engagement until one year after your marriage. Even if you’re knee-deep in packing peanuts, keeping up with your thank-you notes is uber-important.

Although opinions may vary, I feel that you have a month to send a thank-you note. If you fall behind, asses the situation: Send notes first to people such as your Aunt Betsy who’s probably losing sleep wondering if her crystal vase arrived safely; send the next batch to folks whose checks you’ve already deposited; and then take care of the rest.

A well-written thank you note mentions the gift, how much you like it, and how you intend to use it. You may also add a few words to recipients regarding how much you enjoyed (or missed) them at your wedding.

Both of you may sign the note. A sweet touch is for the other spouse to append a brief postscript: PS. I so enjoyed meeting you after hearing Kristen say such nice things about you. Thank you again. -Gary

How to Stay Organized

So that you’re not scrambling at last-minute to organize “who-sent-what”, there are a few ways you can track this information:

1) Good old fashioned pen and paper

2) Guest Tracker

3) Review samples of wording to help you get the process started

What NOT To Do

1) Do NOT send pre-printed Thank You cards in lieu of handwritten notes. This screams that you don’t care enough to take the time to send a personal note.

2) Do NOT use an internet-based card service to send your notes e.g. SendOut Cards. This service is best left for other types of announcements e.g. birthday, graduation, etc.

Wedding Service Professionals

Last, send thank-you notes to all of the service professionals that got you through the day – hairdresser, photographer, wedding planner, venue coordinator, florist, band, caterer, etc. We rely on letters of reference for our business and a letter of applause often means more to them then a monetary tip does (although, we always like a little extra for a job well done :) ).


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