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Often times, I’m asked the question about tipping at your wedding; how much should I tip? Who should I give a tip to?

You want to reward the people that helped your wedding day run smoothly. Plan your tip distribution schedule ahead of time and bring along extra cash or checks for surprises tips. They really go a long way to show your wedding partners how much you valued their services.

Give checks for everyone who expects to be paid before they begin (bands for example) to the banquet manager or another person in charge, and gratuities to your best man or maid of honor. You’ll look a little silly if everyone is breaking down at the end of the night and you’re scribbling a bunch of checks. Plus, it’s super-easy to get carried away and give more then what you planned.

For vendors such as caterers wedding planners, florists, photographers, a monetary tip may seem a bit inappropriate, especially if the person you’re working with is the owner. In these cases, it’s totally cool to offer a personalized gift of gratitude.

Last, here is a quick nitty gritty schedule showing the *typical* tipping guidelines. Of course, feel free to adjust as you see fit.

PS – you should never have tip jars out for your guests; a sign that says “Gratuities have been fulfilled by the hosts” is appropriate and should be displayed.

Tipping Guidelines
Recipient Amount
Banquet Manager $200 and up or personal gift
Head Bartender $50 and up
Bartender $25 and up
Bathroom Attendants $1 to $2 per guest or pre-arranged flat fee
Chef $100 and up
Civil ceremony officiant $25 to $50
Coatroom Attendants $1 to $2 per guest or pre-arranged flat fee
Hairdresser 10% to 20% of fee
Maitre d’ or head waiter 1% – 3% of food/beverage of $150 – $300 for off-premise
Make-up artist 10% to 20% of fee
Ceremony Musicians 15% of fee
Reception Musicians $25 to $50 per member, especially if guests make numerous requests
Parking Attendants $1 to $2 per car; or 15% of bill for valet parking (usually included in bill)
Transportation driver 18% – 20% for limo
Wedding Planner 15% of fee; or a personal gift