You and your fiance are newly engaged and the world is your oyster. Visions of beautiful ocean waves crashing during your outdoor ceremony or stilt walkers cutting champagne glasses from the ceiling soar through your brain.

You snap back into reality and realize that you want to party like a rock-star on a roadie budget.

What are you to do?

Here are 7 tips to Keep in Check to Avoid a Wedding Meltdown

1) Lacking personality – Couples are either too scared to infuse their ideas into their wedding or they want to have the exact.same.wedding you just saw online. Find a few things that are important to you and your fiance and incorporate them into your wedding.

2) Wasting money – I think it goes without saying that you need a budget. Even Pandora Vanderpump (RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump’s daughter) has a wedding budget. Figure out the three most important things about your wedding, allocate a higher percentage to those and figure out how you can do with less on the other items.

3) Forgetting what your wedding day is about – it’s so easy to become consumed by all-things wedding. Trust me, I was there. Remember what this day means to you and your fiance. Write it down, staple it to your forehead or tape it to your mirror. Whatever this day means to you both, should be the forefront for all of your planning needs.

4) Not having a Plan B – I think every engaged couple at one time or another said to themselves “It’s not going to rain on OUR wedding day” Hate to break it to you, but unless you’re getting married in the Sahara Desert, chances are there could be rain, snow, sandstorm, hurricane or any other act of Mother Nature on your wedding day. Plan accordingly.

5) Forgetting the word “BUDGET” – I know it sucks to talk about money, budget, deposits, first-born children, but trust me – the planning process will be much smoother if you have a clear understanding of how much things cost. Yes, this is an industry and we’re all here to make money. Things will cost money and remember, you get what you pay for. If food and photography are your two priorities, allocate your budget accordingly e.g. you will spend the bulk of your budget on these top two items. The rest of your “wish list” will have to be adjusted accordingly.

6) Hungover on your wedding day – do I need to say more here? Nobody looks good with red skin, bloodshot eyes & boozy breath. Keep the drinking in check.

7) Rudeness, cattiness, demanding, etc., etc., etc., – couples, please treat your family, friends, vendors and each other with kindness and respect. It will go a long ways making sure your day goes smoothly and merrily. And your family and friends will still talk to you after it’s all over.

I’m not saying don’t go crazy, just do it with the glue gun instead.