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So, you’re asking why should I hire a wedding planner when I LOVE to plan and host parties?

  1. We know what we are doing. As much as you want to think you’re a wedding planner, organizing a few details about food & decor does not a wedding make. We WANT your involvement but leave it up to the professionals to execute your plans.
  2. Access to our vendor network – we only refer the best of the best. Oh, and we don’t accept kickbacks. Ever. That’s just wrong.
  3. Wedding planning is a full-time job. Parts of it are a blast, but for the most part, it is a lot of hard work and many things we do behind the scenes are never noticed by our couples. That is our job – keep the fires in the kitchen so you and your fiance can have that special first dance.

As you may have noticed, planning a wedding is a lot of work! Why not have someone there to help ensure you do not forget any of the important details? Hiring a wedding planner is no longer simply a luxury for couples with limitless budgets.

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2/3 of engaged couples opted to work with a consultant in 2010. Of those who chose not to use a consultant, an amazing 72% wished they had, finding out too late that they could not handle the many details involved with planning their wedding.

In fact, many reception sites are requiring their couples to bring in a wedding planner. Many wedding vendors also offer discounts to those couples who work with a wedding planner.

Why? Simply put, having a wedding planner makes everyone’s day & responsibilities easier to focus on.

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I’ve heard of stories where engaged couples say “Nothing will happen – I have every detail planned out”, which to me is a very naive statement to make. If you were going to pay $27,000 for a car, for example (average price of a wedding), you would do your research and due diligence. Couples today don’t have time to become educated about weddings so they hire a wedding consultant to do it for them.

Once you are resigned to the idea of hiring a wedding planner, you will then need to decide the level of involvement you this person to have. Depending on your needs throughout the planning process and your needs on the wedding day itself, one package may be better suited (in services and in price) than another.

A Full Service Wedding Planner guides you throughout the entire planning process and the wedding day itself. He or she can help you envision your dream wedding, suggest other vendors who can produce your vision, advise you on proper etiquette, and work with your budget to get the most for your money. In addition to keeping your planning on schedule, a full service planner will also create a wedding-day timeline and make sure that it gets carried out according to your wishes.

If you cannot afford to enlist the help of a full service planner, you might consider hiring a planner for the “month of” needs. Orchestrating the wedding day itself may be one of the most beneficial aspects of employing a wedding planner. He or she will meet with the couple prior to the wedding to discuss the details as they have been arranged thus far. The planner will tie up any loose ends before the wedding and handle all vendor communication going forward. On the wedding itself, he or she will manage the day so that you can focus on being married and enjoying the day.

Be sure to take your time and do your research before selecting a planner. You want to find someone who understands your vision, is a good fit personality-wise and can listen to your wishes.

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