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In any professional field (one that charges for services), it is important that we stay updated on industry changes, news and trends.

One way that I honored my commitment to the wedding industry is I went through a certification course sponsored by Penn Foster (affiliated with Association of Bridal Consultants). It took me roughly six months to complete the online course and I am happy to report that I have satisfied the requirements for their Bridal Consultant Program.

Now, is this the end all be all? Heavens no.

But this is one additional resource that you have in me as a wedding planner to assure that I am staying abreast of industry standards and always have your best interests in mind. I am always looking for ways to stay educated about the wedding industry as well as to run an efficient and happy business!

Profesional Bridal Consultant

What aspects/traits do you look for in a wedding planner? What are your expectations?