I started this “Big Cheese” series with the ambition of closing out each month with a quick blurb about what I thought, things that moved me, or random Heatherism’s

Needless to say, I failed miserable for February & March.


To be honest, I think I was either blocking out a lot things that were important and I was too scared to post, or frankly, didn’t think you would care to take a few minutes of your day and read it.

The last few months have been about deriving clarity about my business and developing a service that is valued and needed. Often times business owners *think* they know what you want, but in reality, it’s a far reach that we ever see eye to eye. At least that is what I have learned by the couples I have met with. I was not the right fit for them nor were they for me. And that’s okay.

So, La Dolce Vita Weddings will be re-branding and re-organizing our services to provide a better match for what you are asking for. And to align me as a person with the personality of the business.

Shouldn’t you know who you are working with? Shouldn’t you feel a connection and trust that person?


So, things I have learned this month ::

1) I never knew what *love* really felt like until I had to say goodbye to Shelby on 4/14/2011.

  • She was born on the 14th,
  • She was 14 years old
  • Was let go on 4/14, exactly 14 days after she was diagnosed.

I don’t believe in coincidences. Loss is indescribable. Trust in the higher plan for you.

My little Shelby-girl…I love you and miss you every day.

wpid-photoon2011-04-14at13-032-2011-04-23-18-58.jpg wpid-shelby-2011-04-23-18-58.jpg

2) Clarity is everything. How can I move forward if I don’t know who I am and where I’ve been? I believe we all struggle with this question but keep at it. The journey never stops.

3) Sometimes you just need to take a break and enjoy life. The last year I have been so busy that I’ve neglected other areas of my personal life. We always strive to find that perfect “work-life” balance but I believe that life is what you make of it.

4) Keenan Cahill is beyond inspirational. He was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease at the age of one called MPS Type 6. He has turned into a internet sensation by lip-synching to popular songs and posting his videos on YouTube. Any time I’m feeling down in the dumps, I take a look at Keenan and put my big-girl shoes on and realize that I’m so very lucky.

Here is his YouTube Channel – check it out.

What keeps you going? Would love to hear from you!