So, every night, I say a little “thank you” to the big cheese upstairs e.g. I have a roof over my head, food in my house, clean socks and the ability to {cough} sing in the shower. Albeit hubby may not appreciate the last one so much.

I’m not very good at keeping a written journal because I’m on my Mac so much writing. So, instead of losing my thoughts to some random black hole, I thought that it would be good practice for me to blog once a month about the little things that make me smile, and thankful. You are more then welcome to continue reading, but I won’t be offended if you don’t. Really. Totally get it.

First thing :: Music inspires me. For some reason, every time I hear a good song, I can’t help but feel my bootie wiggle a little bit and my shoulders moving with the rhythm. I *think* I was graced with a smidge of dancing ability and I hope that I never lose my appreciation for moving music. This can mean anything from Girl from Impanema to Bon Jovi to Jay Z. I’m convinced that in my previous life, I was that girl dancing in the Brazilian Carnival with the biggest headdress man has seen. I could live w/o TV for the rest of my life, but please don’t take the music {cue Rihanna}.

Second thing :: hubby and I can sit in the same room for 6 hours doing our own thing and be perfectly content.

Third thing :: My Doberman girl, Nissa, has always tried to catch our neighborhood bunny, Jack, but never succeeds. I’m thankful that she hasn’t. It would be a terrible day in the Gardner household if she did catch him. I don’t know that I would be able to look at her the same way again.

Fourth thing :: Jimmy Johns Gourmet Subs. “nuff said.

Fifth thing :: One of my besties, Sandra. This girl does NOT know a stranger – give her a minute and she’ll be your bestie too! She always knows the right thing to say at the right time – “Want to grab a cocktail?” Muah

Sixth thing :: I am going to learn how to salsa. This year. C’mon guys, hold me to it.

Curious to hear about your “things” – don’t be shy. We’re all family here.

Ciao friends,