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Introducing Wedding Preview Event Wedding Partner ::

Event Rents

I had the pleasure of meeting Event Rents last week for our initial introduction meeting regarding the Denver Wedding Preview Event. I try to have an preliminary meeting with each WPE wedding partner so we can take a bit of time to become familiarized with each other, learn about each other businesses and discuss the fun event we’re about to embark on.

As I drove down E470 towards their retail space, I came up to this ginormous (and I mean HUGE) warehouse. I later found out it’s around 60,000 square feet full of a wedding planner’s dream – linens, beautiful china, gorgeous chairs, delicious space to dream of what ever your heart desires.

Pretty much anything you want for your wedding, Event Rents can deliver.

As taken from their website ::

“Event Rents is Colorado’s premier party rental provider. Our customer service, quality products and attention to detail are the components that have made our ascension to the top of our industry possible.

Every aspect of our business is client orientated. We are in a service industry and we know that the quality of service we provide is a large part of what makes Event Rents distinguishable. We choose to focus on solutions rather than problems.”

Name: Event Rents
Location: 13305 James E. Casey Ave. Englewood, CO 80112

Phone: 303-972-0975
Website: www.eventsrentsdenver.com

Go ahead – call and ask for Scott. Tell him Heather sent ‘ya.

So, is this enough to convince you to come to the Denver Wedding Preview Event? If not, be on the look out for more posts about the yummy wedding partners that will be included in this one-of-a-kind event.

We look forward to seeing you there, February 20th, The Cable Center.

Be there…or…..you know, be square.