The holidays – they always seem to gnaw on me every year. Pressure to eat right. Pressure to find the “perfect gift”. Pressure to morph yourself into some super-hero genius that does it all and is everything to everybody.

Whew. I get verklemped just typing it out. But yet I find myself doing this same routine every holiday season and this year was no different.

But there are a few things that I truly enjoy about the holidays, so don’t think I’m a big ‘ol grinch:

1) Random acts of kindness. Like paying for the meal behind you in the drive-through. Adopting an animal or making a donation to a rescue.
2) Salvation Army Bell Ringers – God bless them for standing out in the cold ringing that damn bell. Non-stop. That is dedication.
3) Giving up my prime parking spot at the mall so a family with children doesn’t have to walk miles. I need the exercise anyways.
4) Watching old holiday favorites on TV – Rudolph, Charlie Brown, It’s a Wonderful Life. You catch my drift.
5) This flash mob at a mall food court :

What this shows me is how a simple act can break up the monotony of the holidays. Or any stressful moment. Check out the faces of the people…priceless.

What are your simple pleasures during the holidays?