In 2011, a Japanese company will begin launching couples into space in an effort to literally provide an “out of this world” wedding experience.

Like all good destination weddings, the galactic nuptial service package includes the cost of transportation (to and from the launch site), accommodations, a live broadcast of the ceremony to family & friends, and of course, four days of rehearsal coaching.

Does exchanging your “I dos” hurling through the cosmos seem a bit “out there” for you? Maybe having a gown that looks like you’re floating away on a cloud of couture seems more reasonable then locking down in a “gravity-defying” dress?

If you’d like to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, but want to enjoy a wedding that’s out of your zip code, La Dolce Vita Weddings can help.

Just because you’re crossing borders or leaving town to get hitched, doesn’t mean your wedding has to follow a cookie-cutter plan provided by your hotel or resort destination.

So, what does a customized destination wedding actually look like, specifically if you’re getting married in Colorado?

(Courtesy of Stephen Sanderson Photography)


If you’re an outdoorsy couple, there are several ways to incorporate your love for nature and use the beautiful Colorado landscape as inspiration. Ring pillows decorated with delicate representations of trees and flowers, or even outdoor gear like umbrellas, sun hats and flip flops can be used to amplify your theme.


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(courtesy of Colorado Mountain Limo)

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