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I LOVE What I Do!

Perusing through some of my favorite blogs this morning, I eagerly jumped to Jasmine Star’s blog. Love her work. And below, you’ll see why. Please, check out her blog – you’ll be laughing and tearing up right along with me.

I came across this picture today from a recent wedding she shot and it brought tears to my eyes. This pictures captures some of the very special and tender moments between a bride and her mother. This mother is gleefully over.the.moon excited and happy for her daughter on such a special day, for the both of them.

It’s moments like these that allow me to reflect on what an honor it is to partake in these celebrations as a wedding planner. Thank you for allowing us to do what we do – and trusting us to be a small part in your celebration. :)

Courtesy of the talented Jasmine Star (I did not participate in this wedding – I just love the shot!)


Happy Friday and have a terrific weekend!



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