Happy Saturday!

I hated my profile picture. They were part of my engagement photo’s that I took with my husband 4 years ago. Times have changed and so have I. People who see my profile picture and then meet me in person usually say something to the effect of “Wow, you look nothing like your profile picture”. Now, I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing, but none the less, I decided it was time to get some photos done.

I contacted Angie & Andy Wood of A&A Photography, to see if they would be willing to take a few photos. I was so excited when they said yes, and we had our photo shoot a few weeks ago. Below are a few pics and I have to say, it’s always hard to see me on film, but to be modest, I think they turned out wonderfully. Angie & Andy were so fun and relaxed – they truly make for a wonderful team. I mean, how can you NOT have fun with these two?

PS – the wind was HORRIBLE that day, hence most of the photos have my hat on. You’ll notice “hat head” on the 3rd picture.

What do you think?


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Thanks again to you both!