Before you read any further, do me a favor and head over to A&A Photography’s website. Trust me, it will all make sense when we you read today’s blog post about the talented Angie & Andy Wood.

Okay, back? Let’s rock it out.

I wanted to share with you a gem here in Colorado – A&A Photography. I had the pleasure of meeting Andy & Angie Wood at an Professional Photographer’s Association meeting a few months ago held at the unbelievably gorgeous Della Terra Mountain Chateau. I was invited by Debbie Orwat of Save the Dave Events & StudioWed Denver, to come as a visitor and meet the extremely talented photographers this side of the Rocky Mountains has to offer.

Walking into Della Terra, there was a room full of people that I didn’t know, and I’m sure you all know how nerve-racking that can be. So, as I perused the area looking for people that I could chat up, I instead retreated to looking out the windows at the gorgeous views Della Terra has to offer (they’re located in Estes Park).

Nervously trying to make conversation (I’m horrible at networking, but also love people – I don’t get me sometimes), Angie came up to me and we started chatting. In that conversation, the topic of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) came up and I realized that Angie & Andy had so much information on the subject and asked if they wouldn’t mind teaching this techie-newbie a few things about SEO. Angie mentioned they were kicking around the idea of putting together a formalized but fun training on SEO and asked if I thought wedding planners would find this interesting to which I replied with a resounding “YES YES YES”. 

And as such, they decided to have their training in January, get this, FREE OF CHARGE. Trust me, they went all out by having it a the beautiful Oxford Hotel in Denver, yummy cupcakes by the talented Kelly Prather of KellyKakes, and provided three hours of educational and fun information.

Did they have to do this? No, but this just shows the kind of people Angie & Andy are – at their very core, they are wonderful & caring people who are ridiculously talented photographers, creative and FUN! [insert applause]

Angie and I had lunch at Earl’s in Park Meadows last week, and I have to tell you, after meeting Angie a few times, by the time we had lunch you would’ve thought we were long lost friends. Angie has a way of immediately making you feel comfortable. Between talking about our mutual love for our dogs to traveling to our crazy and wonderful husbands, and of course, WEDDINGS!, what I thought would have been a rather shorter lunch turned into a girl-fest of 2 hours and I think our waitress was ready for us to leave by the time we had to say our good-bye’s. :) Angie is a breath of fresh air and I truly enjoyed getting to know her better.

In addition to the billion and one things they have going one, be sure to check out their latest venture, ProjectBride, a blog designed to help brides & grooms with all things weddings!

Angie & Andy – thank you for your energy, spirit and of course the beautiful images that you create. Best of luck at WPPI (only the world’s largest gathering of photographers in.the.world) as I know you both will knock it out of the park! I can’t wait to hear all about it!