Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! If you have decided to create your own wedding vows, here are few helpful hints for you –

  1. Talk to your celebrant – Before you get started, make sure that there are no restrictions as to what the vows can include. Some places of worship will not allow couples to write their own vows, so make sure you review with your venue/celebrant. 
  2. Begin separately – You should each set some time apart to write down your ideas. Don’t overanalyze or edit at this point. You should just let your feelings and emotions fall through you and onto the paper. You want your heart to speak openly and honestly.
  3. Compare notes – Pick a time where you can get together in a setting that is comfortable and free from distraction. Take turns in reading your thoughts to one another. See what you have in common. This should be fun, so encourage each other!
  4. Create a draft – work together to create this draft. And a 2nd draft. And a 3rd draft.
  5. Wait a week – set the project aside for a week and then pick it back up. Each of you should read the vows out loud. If you feel awkward, then perhaps it needs a little tweaking. If it feels right – then you’re good to go!
  6. Finalize – your vows are a keepsake, so prepare at least two copies. Use a large font for readability. Consider laminating the copy so the guests hear you and not the ruffling of paper.

You could consider hiring a calligrapher to “beautify” your vows that can be framed and cherished for years to come.

What unique ways have you personalized your wedding ceremony?

Until next time,