The other day, I was at a drive-thru at a national fast food chain. I ordered my meal and proceeded to wait in line to pay for my dinner. As I approached the window, I handed the teller my debit card and he said to me “Ma’am, the car in front of you wanted to pay for your meal and wanted to wish you Merry Christmas”. My jaw dropped – it was as if I heard the angels sing, music playing and the laughter of somebody very happy. He then asked me “Would you like to pay it forward? to which I eagerly jumped at the opportunity and paid for the meal in the car behind me.


The teller said “You are the 4th car in a row to do this and honestly, this is pretty awesome!” I thought it was awesome too and moved me to tears.


As we move into the holiday season and time for wonderful memories and engagements to happen, I encourage you to find ways in which you can give back whether it’s within your home, your office, your community or to your country. As you plan your wedding, be creative and find ways to give back whether that is donating all unused food from your reception to a homeless shelter or providing a charitable donation as a wedding favor. The return you get from giving back is more then you can every imagine and very much worthwhile.


I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!


Until next time,