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This weekend, I was at St. Nicks Christmas Specialty store in Denver to pick up a few things for my holiday decorations and I was in AWE of all the beautiful decorations and themed-trees. I was further inspired at the creativity that Christmas has allowed for us in decorating and adoring our homes for the holiday season.

As I was perusing through the store, I thought “What great inspiration for winter weddings!” Between the glorious colors, textures and shapes, there were so many different ideas and creative ways to make your winter wedding beautiful.

Tune into what types of feelings you have when you see a beautiful piece of art, the way a home is decorated, or simply by looking at magazines and you’ll be sure to have a wedding that is uniquely yours!



(courtesy of A Tuscan View)(courtesy of Santas Best Christmas Designs)


(Courtesy of KnotForLife)


(courtesy of Oceanic Flowers)


Until next time, happy planning!