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In this day and age, given the recent economic downturn, we all have been affected by it one way or the other. As you are planning your wedding, most couples wish to provide some sort of memento or token of their appreciation to their guests e.g. wedding favors. Gone are the days where you hand some sort of candy or little trinket that most guests will either leave behind or throw away. How can you step outside of the mold and get creative?


One creative way is to provide a donation to one or more charities in lieu of a wedding favor. This is ideal for those couples that enjoy volunteering or giving back in one way or the other. So, how do you do it?


1) Do your research. Obviously you’ll want to understand what is important to you and perhaps a cause that has a special meaning in your life. Perhaps you have volunteered for a special organization and wish to honor them in your special day.


2) Within your budget, you can decide the amount that you wish to donate.


3) Often times, charities will have special place cards that you can include in your wedding that will have a saying something similar to “In lieu of a wedding favor, the bride and groom have a made a donation to {Charity} in your name.

Wedding favor card - Amazon Conservation Association donation - letterpress printed by Smock  by Smock Letterpress.


Here a few places to start –


1) IDOFoundation.org – A public foundation based in Washington, D.C., the I Do Foundation works closely with some of the most effective and renowned nonprofit organizations in the country.


2) ASPCA.org – The ASPCA is near & dear to my heart and had to throw it in here. :)


3) Cancerresearchfoundation.com – This quote reflects the mission of the Cancer Research Foundation… “to raise funds to support innovative cancer research centers focused on perfecting treatments, vaccines, and cures to the over 200 different types of cancer; and, ultimately, to become absolutely obsolete.”


There are so many worthy causes and I encourage to donate to those that are close to you and your fiancé.


What are some charitable causes that are important to you? Would love to hear your feedback!


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