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As a show of appreciation, it’s customary to give each member of your bridal party a gift which is typically given at the rehearsal dinner. Usually, there is one gift for the bridesmaids and one gift for the groomsmen.  Since they are meant to be keepsakes, often times, the bridal couple will have their gifts engraved although I’m not a big fan of engraving. This is supposed to be a gift to your friends/family as a token of your thanks and who wants to have YOUR date on THEIR gift?


Nonetheless, you decide what is appropriate and what will fit into your budget. Have fun, don’t take yourselves too seriously, but be thoughtful of the gifts you give.  I have provided an inspiration board of those types of gifts that are traditionally given but I challenge you to be creative! Perhaps $50 worth of scratch lottery tickets, or tickets to a show you know they’ve wanted to attend. Just as long as the gift comes from your heart, you can’t go wrong.


I remember at my own wedding I gave my girls (3) a fun beach tote filled with lot’s of fun stuff e.g. goodies from The Body Shop, flips to wear at the reception, sunscreen (we did get married in AZ after all), a necklace to wear on the day of the wedding, and snacks to munch on throughout the day. They were a hit and I had fun putting them together.


What are some of your ideas or what have you done for your bridal party?

Bridesmaid Gifts

 Groomsmen Bridal Party Gifts


Photo credits: E-Earring, The Body Shop, BagBorroworSteal, Label by Design, InStyle Magazine, Tag Heuer, Swiss Army