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I’m going to take a break away from weddings for a minute to share a little of something near & dear to my heart – my hubby & 3 dogs.

You see, I was married in 2007 and many of my friends and colleagues were pregnant or trying to get pregnant. From my experiences, the “traditional” path to “success” was you fall in love, get married and soon to follow is starting a family. I was no different and “thought” that I wanted that life.


Shortly after my wedding, I too, got the “baby” itch and starting talking to my husband about it. We both are in our early 30’s, financially stable (whatever that means!) and we really didn’t know if we wanted to have children or not. So, one day, I asked my husband straight up – “Do you want to have children?” and his response was “How about if we start off with a dog?”. Not the answer I was looking or hoping for. Mind you, this conversation was had about 9 months into our marriage (we got engaged after knowing each other for 6 months) and looking back, probably the best decision we made for us.


Hubby already had a 8 year old Miniature Pinscher and I thought – what fun to have a “larger” version of a Min Pin? The idea was born – we were about to be parents to a new Doberman Pinscher! We welcomed Nissa Bella into our family in September and fell in love with her. She is every-bit of a “princess” – she prances like a deer but runs like a greyhound and oh-so-sweet. For those that have misconceptions about Doberman Pinschers, I challenge you to meet my Nissa-girl and walk away with the same thought. :) You won’t regret it!
















 Fast forward 6 months – we realized that Nissa needed a “brother” to grow up and and grow old with,and we welcomed Arkus into our family in August 2008. Here was this sweet & innocent little creature that came rumbling and tumbling towards us at our first meeting with him. What a ride he had in store for us!


How could you say no to this little guy?




















Within the first 48 hours of having little Arkus home with us, hubby called me to say that Arkus had a “little accident”. I’m thinking “Oh, he pee’d on the floor or had a little time navigating the house”. Nope – Arkus, with all of his might and glory, decided he was going to be a big boy and climb the stairs. Problem with that is he didn’t realize how to quite operate the stairs and went ‘a tumbling down and fractured his rear leg. Off to the Vet we go. Casted for 6+ weeks – try telling a 9 week old puppy that he can’t run & play like he wants to.


Or that he can’t swallow socks at his leisure. At 5 months old.


Arkus decided that he wanted to take up the fine art of swallowing socks; problem was we didn’t know it. One of those little black dress socks became lodged in his colon and off to the emergency clinic we went. Yep, x-rays showed a “foreign” object in his colon and needed to have emergency surgery right away. All I can say is Thank You ASPCA pet insurance!

















Love me, love my dogs.


























 Two peas in a pod…
















Last, but not least, the little one that started all of this – Miss Shelby


















At the end of the day, we would do anythign for our “kids” – all 3 of them. Never in a million years would I think that I would be married with 3 kids, but here I sit, writing about them, worrying about them, and most of all – loving every minute with them.

I encourage you to listen to your heart and what is important to you – some people question why I love my dogs so much. Reality is – wouldn’t you do anything for those that you love? I would.

Enjoy the rest of the “dog days of summer!’