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As you can tell, I think saying Thank You is one of the most important things a bride & groom can do during the planning and commencement of their wedding. To continue from my post on 6/22/09, I wanted to add a little more:

Thank you notes are a type of social stationary and are also known as informals. Informals can match the invitation or they can be generic, which allows them to be used for other purposes.

Informals commonly include the monogram of the couple. If the bride is taking the last name of the groom, her first initial is on the left, the initial of the shared last name is larger and in the middle, and the groom’s first initial is on the right.

Some couples will include a wedding photograph in theri thank-you notes. Every guest might receive the same picture, or the photos can be personalized, which is common with weddings where instant cameras were used as party favors. This allows the couple to share the moments that were documented by their guests.

Last, thank-you notes should neverbe pre-printed or generic; each note should be specific to both the guest and the gift. For larger weddings, I can assist you with both gift documentation and thank-you note writing so that the information is correct and the notes go out in a timely  manner. In terms of etiquette, informals should be send out within a month after the wedding. However, a late thank-you note is better then none. Separate shower and weddings gifts from the same person should be acknowledged in different notes. Furthermore, monogrammed informals indicating a changed last name should never be sent out until after the wedding.

Here are a couple of ideas for inexpensive thank-you cards through Shutterfly; some are text only and others you can include a photo:

Berry Blossoms

Wild Flower Orange

Photo Wedding Cards courtesy of LilDuckDuck

Get creative with your thank you cards and don’t be shy to have fun! Remember, the thank you notes will be a reflection of your wedding and the personalities of the bride & groom.

Until next time, happy planning!